Sunday, April 24, 2011

Molly Left a carrot and a beer for the easter bunny

The Egg Hunt


The kids loved running around trying to find all the eggs the easter bunny had left. We had a roast pork with all the trimmings and had a very relaxed day. Thanks Tash, Sam and Jacob for coming and staying with us and helping us celebrate Easter.

Missing all the family back in Canberra. We are hoping to visit soon.

Thanks Aunty Bec, Uncle Stu, Jack and Will for our easter presents.

Thanks to Uncle Mike, Aunty Ren, Pop and Nan R for your presents too.

Love Molly and Oscar.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

We had a ton of fun at Williams 1st birthday party. Dan and I caught a Yabby. We wish we had caught more. Aunty Tash, Uncle Sam, Amy and Jacob came over. The girls went to lolly pops while the boys went out and did some electrical work for a friend. It was so hot that the girls decided the kids needed a pool to play in. They played in there for hours then Nan R was watered the garden and played a lovely game of "you can't catch me Nan R". and after a great game of runnning around Nan R gave Oscar his first hair cut. He now looks like a real little stud. It was such an awesome time watching all the little people. They are growing up way to fast.

To see photos of our adventure click here

Monday, January 3, 2011

Still Busy

The last three days has been filled with seeing friends and family. On Sunday we went to the Dickson swimming pool with Aunty Bec, Uncle Stu, Jack, Will and Uncle Mike. The kids loved running around in the new water park they have and going into the baby and middle pools. We loved watching Will go into the baby pool just like one of the big kids. He would slip over go under the water and come back up, stand up with a huge smile and put his hands up in the air like he had just scored a goal in a footy match. He is so much like Molly a little dare devil in the water. Yesterday we went to see Nan J, Aunty Ali and G.G. The kids loved running around in the house and back yard with Nan J's puppy Bella. Molly ran straight into her old room, she still remembers the old house. Nan J cooked a beautiful chicken and pasta bake. Not much was left when we had finished eating it was really really yummy. Today uncle Mike showed us how to walk to his work. It was such a nice cool day that we then went out to Royalla to see the chooks and feed the cat that still live there. Tomorrow we are going to meet Nan J for lunch then we are going to Aunty Becs house for dinner.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

So with the new year here we all piled into pops 4x4 and took a drive out to Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve. We got to see the Roos and koalas. Molly walked pretty much all the way around the encloser. Near the end though she was a bit hot and tired and showed pop how she can be a real devil baby. She is just so cute....

Hard Work

On the 30th and 31s of December last year daddy helped pop do some work around the new house. They built a new ramp/deck so that no one has to walk through the mud to get to Uncle Mikes house. They did this without complaint and in 35 degree heat. They even conned Molly into helping with the last bit so they could finsih early. They also instaled a new ceiling fan in the undercover balcony so that we no longer have to sit in the heat out the back.